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Gas Mask Parts

I’ve been messing around serious engineering with an MSLA Printer (Masked Stereolithography) to try and create my own parts for things I cannot have manufactured cost effectively, or parts I can no longer get hold of.

One part is the Gas Mask / Respirator fittings used on most common “Fetish” gas masks, commonly known as NATO40 or GOST40. It has been known for years that most of the ex-soviet parts which fit GP5, GP7 are not entirely compatible with the rest of the European masks (S6, S10, S12 etc) and as such the parts do not always mate.


I’ve designed mine based on a good old British Standard BS EN 148:1-1999 and it’s been something I’ve actually been working on for about 5 years, it’s only now I have a cost effective means of manufacture. Have been quoted in the past upwards of £10,000GBP for tooling to create the parts and then a reasonably expensive unit price on top of, meaning that until I sold about 5000 of them I wouldn’t break even.

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