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SHD RESTRAINTS – Super Heavy Duty

The 1st of an entire, massive range of Super Heavy Duty Rubber Restraints.

These are a simple locking cuff (padlocks not included) made from a 75mm (3″) backer with a 50mm (2″) strap and very heavy hardware, fully eyeletted and riveted. Made from 3mm industrial grade reinforced rubber.

This is actually part of a range I started making over 10years ago, took a rather long pause when the kids came along

These cuffs are available in 10 sizes, larger sizes can have 2 d-rings, opposite each other for thigh cuffs etc.

  • Size #1 – Fit 150-250mm – 1x D-Ring type £60.00
  • Size #2 – Fit 200-300mm – 1x D-Ring type £62.50
  • Size #3 – Fit 250-350mm – 1x D-Ring type £65.00
  • Size #4 – Fit 300-400mm – 1x D-Ring type £67.50
  • Size #5 – Fit 350-450mm – 1x D-Ring type £70.00
  • Size #6 – Fit 400-600mm – 2x D-Ring type £85.00
  • Size #7 – Fit 500-700mm – 2x D-Ring type £90.00
  • Size #8 – Fit 600-800mm – 2x D-Ring type £95.00
  • Size #9 – Fit 700-900mm – 2x D-Ring type £100.00
  • Size #10 – Fit 800-1000mm – 2x D-Ring type £105.00

Also available in double width / double strap versions (150mm wide backer with 2x 50mm straps and identical hardware).

Message me for orders as the shop isn’t finished yet……

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REV: Popper Pots and Bottles

Revision X – Popper Pots and Inhalator Bottles

I’ve been making Popper Pots and Inhalator Bottles for over 10years, most you’ll see for sale have been ripped-off from my ideas and designs, some more so obvious than others.

Revision X Popper Pot

Compact aluminium pot, perfect size for cotton wool pads with a custom designed cap which will accept your standard NATO/GOST/BS 40mm hose connected to your mask. The cap is vented to make this a really neat compact design.

Revision X Inhalator Bottles

Chemical Resistant Plastic or Aluminium, your choice! Most people prefer plastic as they like to see the bubbles as they draw breath through the liquid. The cap is another custom design combining the screw thread of the bottle and a NATO/GOST/BS 40mm compatible thread to connect to the hose on your mask.

More Photo’s:

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Focus On: Ultimate Popper Assembly

So how does it work? Let’s start with a description of each part and what it does………….


The inlet valve is a simple 1-way diaphragm type valve which lets the airflow into the system only, there will always be a a small amount of backflow with this valve type but not enough to warrant and worry over.


The inlet hose is a short hose between the inlet valve and the vaporizer, it does not offer much in addition apart from a small amount of expansion to counteract backflow pressure on the inlet valve


This is the heart of the system, it’s essentially a mixer unit where the control on the top will adjust the amount of air either flowing through the glass vessel (containing your favourite aroma) or through the cap of the item .

With the cap set to 0 (Zero) the air will flow through the cap of the system and will not pick up any aromas directly, with the cap set to 5 (Five) the system will entirely flow through the glass vessel picking up evaporated vapours on it’s way. Any setting in between with be a mixture of fresh air and vapours with the ratios relative to the setting you choose.

Setting 0 (Zero) – 0:5 (0%) ratio clean air, no direct vapours.

Setting 1 (One) – approx 1:5 (20%) ratio although the airflow will likely be higher ratio of clean air

Setting 2 (Two) – approx 2:5 (40%) ratio should be around “half and half” clean air/vapours at this point.

Setting 3 (Three) – approx 3:5 (60%) ratio should be majority vapours over clean air.

Setting 4 (Four) – approx 4:5 (80%) ratio vapours

Setting 5 (Five) – approx 5:5 (100%) -All air will flow through the glass vessel and pick-up evaporated aromas.

(All figures, percentages and ratios are relative to actual airflow and resistance but can be used as an approximate guide).


This part of the system contributes to the amount of re-circulated air in the system, reducing the oxygen level a little will induce a feeling of elation and/or euphoria in the client. It must be noted and extreme caution taken to not reduce the oxygen level too far otherwise hypoxia will occur and may result in a life limiting situation – Putting it bluntly – You could kill your client or induce brain damage.

If you do not wish to use the rebreather bag you can roll it up (still connected) or use a band around it to stop it inflating.


Simply a long hose to connect the main system which should be mounted on a stand or table-top mount to the mask and expiratory valve.


The Expiratory valve is a simple adjustable “blow-off” valve and will exhaust excess pressure in the system when you breathe out (exhale). It can be adjusted to increase or decrease the system pressure and must be adjusted to suit your particular situation.


Pretty self-explanatory, you put it on your face to become part of the system.

Now we’ve understood (hopefully) what each part is and the role it plays in the system I’ll attempt to explain as a whole what is happening when you are using and are part of the system.

As you breathe in (inhale) you will pull a “packet” of air into the system through in inlet valve, short hose, vaporiser, t-piece, long hose, expiratory valve, angled mount and face mask. Depending on the amount of air you breathe in you may or may-not fill the system on your first inhale (there will of course already be air in the system).

When you first exhale, you will move the air back down the long hose and inflate the rebreather bag, once the bag is inflated the excess air will be blown out of the expiratory valve.

The cycle continues, each new inhale will pull in fresh air, your chosen ratio of vapours and each subsequent exhale will back-flow the system and blow out the excess air through the expiratory valve.

It’s that simple but immensely effective……………………………😊

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Gas Mask Parts

I’ve been messing around serious engineering with an MSLA Printer (Masked Stereolithography) to try and create my own parts for things I cannot have manufactured cost effectively, or parts I can no longer get hold of.

One part is the Gas Mask / Respirator fittings used on most common “Fetish” gas masks, commonly known as NATO40 or GOST40. It has been known for years that most of the ex-soviet parts which fit GP5, GP7 are not entirely compatible with the rest of the European masks (S6, S10, S12 etc) and as such the parts do not always mate.


I’ve designed mine based on a good old British Standard BS EN 148:1-1999 and it’s been something I’ve actually been working on for about 5 years, it’s only now I have a cost effective means of manufacture. Have been quoted in the past upwards of £10,000GBP for tooling to create the parts and then a reasonably expensive unit price on top of, meaning that until I sold about 5000 of them I wouldn’t break even.

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Just an idea………

My brain spins with ideas all the time, actually managed to get one of them mocked up, then it got carried away………..

It’s an Ultimate Popper Assembly (copied by many, as with a lot of the stuff I make), but, with the addition of a 6 litre N²O bag charged with 2 whippets (each approx. 3.0L of gas). There’s a valve to hold the gas in the bag until you want to take a suck, or your “Patient” needs some therapy.

I coupled this to my Studio Gum NKMb as it’s got an anaesthesia mask built in along with massive head compression when it’s pumped……….

Then filled the trolley for Mistress with my favourite things, Clejuso No.15’s, Clejuso No.15-18’s, Clejuso No.8 Leg Irons and few of Mistresses favourite toys……….

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Focus On: Transport Restraints

Lets take a look at transport restraints. Usually used for the movements of inmates/patients to protest themselves from harming or their carers/staff from being harmed – Also helps them to not escape

Transport Restraint Waist Belt with Attached Wrist Cuffs
Transport Restraint Waist Belt with Attached Wrist Cuffs

Closed using 3qty Magnetic Locks these could also be closed using standard padlock posts and mechanical padlocks or other types of fastenings depending on the security level needed.

The waist belt will fit a waist/belly range of 26″ through to 50″ approx with the nominal sizing being about 32″-42″ which makes use of the velcro fastening within the waist belt.

The wrist cuffs will fit upto 11″ approx. and can be fastened to the waist belt in a number of ways depending on how you manipulate the straps. The standard was is show in the photo.

In stock at £79.95 plus shipping.

Below shows the four sizing extents of the belt:

Absolute Max. fit Size – 50″ approx.
Max nominal fit Size – 42″ approx.
Min nominal fit Size – 32″ approx.
Absolute Min fit Size – 26″ approx.
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Ultimate Popper Assembly v2

Ultimate Popper Assembly is back…………………..

The system consists of (working back from the mask) :

  • Mask – Size 6 Adult Anaesthesia Mask
  • Harness – Standard Black Silicone 4tail harness (3tail black rubber and 4tail clear silicone are available)
  • 90deg Chrome angle mount
  • Expiratory valve – Chrome finish
  • 42″/105cm Antistatic Rubber Corrugated Hose
  • T-Mount (Custom Black high pressure plastic)
  • 2.0L Latex Rubber Rebreather Bag (other sizes are available)
  • Halothane Vaporiser (to mix the concentration/ratio of popper/fresh air)
  • 12″/30cm Antistatic Rubber Corrugated Hose
  • Inlet/One-way Flow Valve (Custom Black high pressure plastic with printed valve mount and silicone diaphragm)

Halothane Vaporizer has a 5/16UNC Spigot to mount to a flat plate or tube adapter (as I’ve used in my setup).

Limited Availability – Cost is £450 plus shipping.