Rebreather Bags back in stock

All sizes restocked 0.5L, 1.0L, 2.0L, 3.0L, 5.0L and 6.0L

Over in the eBay shop until I can get one running here!

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New Design – Aluminium Popper Pot

I’ve been working on this one for far too long managed to get the tooling together to accurately machine the lids, and here it is;

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Pre Xmas Sale

Upto 50% off

Link to eBay

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Ultimate Popper Assembly

One left, will not be anymore for a while. Ready to ship

Send me your best offers?

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RubberFusion Gear on XTube Vids….

RubberFusion Gear on XTube Vids….

A great customer has just sent me some links to a couple of his vids on XTube showing some RubberFusion Gear being used.


Between the two vids you can see the Popper Pot (new model coming very soon),  Inhalator Bottle, X-Piece, Valves,  Hoses……………

Click the image to go to the video……………………

WARNING: This is porno!! You might see a willy :-O…………


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Ultimate Popper Assembly

Sept 2018 Update:

I’ve got one of these left, I was contacted last week but the user left an unresolvable email address.

Still £395 plus shipping.


At last, this ones taken a while, The Ultimate Popper Assembly

Medical grade Mask, Harness, Rebreather, Valves, Halothane/Goldman Vaporiser, this ones the real deal, ultimate kit.

It’s not cheap unfortunately, £395, but I’m confident you’ll not find a better, more comprehensive kit around anywhere. (Sorry to be a bit smug, I’m proper pleased with this)

How does it work?

The air is drawn through the assembly by your trusty lungs, first through a 1 way valve, then the vaporiser. Then through the t-piece along the long tube and into the mask and your lungs, on the exhale your breath will be pushed back down the hose and into the rebreather bag, with excess air being pushed out through the chrome expiration valve on the mask. The again and again, each time adding some fresh air along with a little rebreathed air.

The Vaporiser is adjustable from zero popper to a lot…………..

The black metal bracket is NOT included.

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SALE: Goldmann Halothane Vaporizer – on eBay

SALE: Goldmann Halothane Vaporizer – on eBay

Go take a look, I’ve only got 3 available.




Thanks for scrolling to the bottom;

Ultimate Popper Assembly coming VERY soon!!

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Gas Mask Respirator Inhalator Popper Assembly Rebreather with Valve

Gas Mask Respirator Inhalator Popper Assembly Rebreather with Valve

Popper Rebreather Assembly with or without Mask, Harness and Rebreather Bag, you choose.
You might already have a mask, harness and/or rebreather so we’ve given the option to leave these parts out making a totally customisable system to suit your needs.
This system has a rebreather bag on a t-mount with a Blue Glass bottle for your poppers, on the other end of the hose there is an airflow restrictor valve to control the airflow in and out of the mask.
There is small holes at each end of the assemble to let an amount of fresh air in and out.
  1. Choose Anaesthesia mask: NO or YES
  2. Choose Mask Harness: NO, 3-Tail or 4-Tail
  3. Choose ReBreather Bag: NO, 0.5L, 1.0L, 2.0L, 3.0L, 5.0L or 6.0L
  4. Choose Blue Glass Bottle Size: SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE or XLARGE
  • Brand New – Factory Fresh
  • Soft black latex rubber
  • Genuine medical grade rebeather bag
  • For rebreather bag sizing see image…

Buy it on eBay or contact me directly for a discount on the eBay price.

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For Sale: Halothane Vaporizer

For Sale: Halothane Vaporizer

Brand new, unused, only 1 available.

Price is £150 +shipping (or a very good offer).



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Inflatable Collar – Update

Inflatable Collar – Update

Ok, so I was hoping to get the Inflatable Collar back on the market earlier this year, but after I came up with a fantastic idea, bought a load of manufactured air bladder, built a few prototypes I was ready to go, until — the bladders began to perish and most of them exploded on pressure test.

Back to the drawing board.

I have a new idea, I’ve made a prototype which I’m happy with, unfortunately family life and being in the middle of building a new workshop and having a pesky day job getting in the way means I’m not in a position to release just yet.

In the mean time I’d like to share with you a bunch of good friend Bound Ivy’s pictures as she’s been a massive fan and inspirational advocate of the “World Famous Inflatable Collar” for maybe 5 or 6 years.

Check out Bound Ivy’s fantastic website for loads of cracking images, scenes and videos..

The following images all belong to Bound Ivy – @Boundivy





























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