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Just an idea………

My brain spins with ideas all the time, actually managed to get one of them mocked up, then it got carried away………..

It’s an Ultimate Popper Assembly (copied by many, as with a lot of the stuff I make), but, with the addition of a 6 litre N²O bag charged with 2 whippets (each approx. 3.0L of gas). There’s a valve to hold the gas in the bag until you want to take a suck, or your “Patient” needs some therapy.

I coupled this to my Studio Gum NKMb as it’s got an anaesthesia mask built in along with massive head compression when it’s pumped……….

Then filled the trolley for Mistress with my favourite things, Clejuso No.15’s, Clejuso No.15-18’s, Clejuso No.8 Leg Irons and few of Mistresses favourite toys……….

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