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Restraints – Keeping you still for 15 years…

They come and they go, blow in and out like the weather……… I’m still here, making the ever improving Heavy Rubber Restraints as I have been for all that time. I’m currently experimenting with as many different compounds as I can lay my hands on (most are crap by-the-way).

Always experimenting, customising individual designs and providing bespoke one-offs, for client confidentiality I won’t even post picture of the bespoke items unless the client is ok with it.

A few pictures of the “Standard” fayre…………… I say “Standard”, these are far superior to most…… as I’m sure all my previous clients will tell you.

Reinforced “Hospital Red” Silicone – I doubt you’ll find Rubber Restraints stronger than these
These were a 1-off made with an 18mm machined connecting bar – This material is expensive!!
Food Grade White Silicon – Why food grade? dunno, perfect for your slave to prepare your meals!!
Standard Black Rubber – SHD Inflatable Collar – This was a one-off “Gift” for the missing-in-action “Bound-Ivy” (no idea what happened to her but I saw the collar being worn in a photo of someone else’s so she probably flogged it!!)
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