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Science Experiment!

That’s what I told my 5year old when I was putting this thing together the other day, he thought it was “Amazing”…….

The “Science Experiment”

This is based on my original “Ultimate Popper Assembly” something that has been well and truly ripped off by a well known company, let’s see how long it takes them to steal my latest innovation………..

You’ve got an “Ultimate Popper Assembly Stage”, “Rebreather stage” incorporating a Nitrous Oxide (Nā‚‚O) injector with a massive tank that holds around 600g of gas (about 75 of those little whippets), then you’ve got a glass “Bubbler Stage” for your favourite nectar, mines Ribena šŸ˜‰ followed by a 150cm hose to a silicone mask with pressured expiratory valve.

It’s a one-way system, the air flows in the One-Way valve on the left, and only out of the valve on the mask, the pressure of the liquid in the bottle inhibits airflow back through the bottle.

A few more pics below of the system, and I think I need to make a new frame as my existing UPA frame is a bit small now. On to my next idea…………………….

Halothan Vaporizer – This type has “indexing” with 6 distinct sections
Nitrous Oxide Cylinder
Glass Bubbler Bottle
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