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Ultimate Popper Assembly

One left, will not be anymore for a while. Ready to ship Send me your best offers?

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RubberFusion Gear on XTube Vids….

RubberFusion Gear on XTube Vids…. A great customer has just sent me some links to a couple of his vids on XTube showing some RubberFusion Gear being used.   Between the two vids you can see the Popper Pot (new … Continue reading

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Ultimate Popper Assembly

Sept 2018 Update: I’ve got one of these left, I was contacted last week but the user left an unresolvable email address. Still £395 plus shipping. ———- At last, this ones taken a while, The Ultimate Popper Assembly Medical grade … Continue reading

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SALE: Goldmann Halothane Vaporizer – on eBay

SALE: Goldmann Halothane Vaporizer – on eBay Go take a look, I’ve only got 3 available.       Thanks for scrolling to the bottom; Ultimate Popper Assembly coming VERY soon!!

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Gas Mask Respirator Inhalator Popper Assembly Rebreather with Valve

Gas Mask Respirator Inhalator Popper Assembly Rebreather with Valve Popper Rebreather Assembly with or without Mask, Harness and Rebreather Bag, you choose.   You might already have a mask, harness and/or rebreather so we’ve given the option to leave these … Continue reading

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For Sale: Halothane Vaporizer

For Sale: Halothane Vaporizer Brand new, unused, only 1 available. Price is £150 +shipping (or a very good offer).

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Inflatable Collar – Update

Inflatable Collar – Update Ok, so I was hoping to get the Inflatable Collar back on the market earlier this year, but after I came up with a fantastic idea, bought a load of manufactured air bladder, built a few … Continue reading

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RubberFusion Airflow Restrictor

Another Internet find via Facebook group “Rubber Enclosure”. Airflow Restrictor can be seen on the inlet of the gas mask and can be adjusted to restrict the available air making breathing difficult or impossible. This is an available to order … Continue reading

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Adaptors and Hoses in use…..

Found over on Facebook closed group Rubber Enclosure. Unknown origin so I can’t credit you, but I hope your enjoying my gear 😀

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Sneak Peek Tuesday: Heavy Rubber Arm Binders

Kind of a sneak peek, but also a throwback……… ……….this is a product I made several years ago and just found the photo’s of it, so I thought I’d share them. The latest versions will come with Reinforced Rubber, Larger … Continue reading

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