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REV: Popper Pots and Bottles

Revision X – Popper Pots and Inhalator Bottles

I’ve been making Popper Pots and Inhalator Bottles for over 10years, most you’ll see for sale have been ripped-off from my ideas and designs, some more so obvious than others.

Revision X Popper Pot

Compact aluminium pot, perfect size for cotton wool pads with a custom designed cap which will accept your standard NATO/GOST/BS 40mm hose connected to your mask. The cap is vented to make this a really neat compact design.

Revision X Inhalator Bottles

Chemical Resistant Plastic or Aluminium, your choice! Most people prefer plastic as they like to see the bubbles as they draw breath through the liquid. The cap is another custom design combining the screw thread of the bottle and a NATO/GOST/BS 40mm compatible thread to connect to the hose on your mask.

More Photo’s:

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Gas Mask Parts

I’ve been messing around serious engineering with an MSLA Printer (Masked Stereolithography) to try and create my own parts for things I cannot have manufactured cost effectively, or parts I can no longer get hold of.

One part is the Gas Mask / Respirator fittings used on most common “Fetish” gas masks, commonly known as NATO40 or GOST40. It has been known for years that most of the ex-soviet parts which fit GP5, GP7 are not entirely compatible with the rest of the European masks (S6, S10, S12 etc) and as such the parts do not always mate.


I’ve designed mine based on a good old British Standard BS EN 148:1-1999 and it’s been something I’ve actually been working on for about 5 years, it’s only now I have a cost effective means of manufacture. Have been quoted in the past upwards of £10,000GBP for tooling to create the parts and then a reasonably expensive unit price on top of, meaning that until I sold about 5000 of them I wouldn’t break even.

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RubberFusion Gear on XTube Vids….

RubberFusion Gear on XTube Vids….

A great customer has just sent me some links to a couple of his vids on XTube showing some RubberFusion Gear being used.


Between the two vids you can see the Popper Pot (new model coming very soon),  Inhalator Bottle, X-Piece, Valves,  Hoses……………

Click the image to go to the video……………………

WARNING: This is porno!! You might see a willy :-O…………


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Gas Mask Respirator Inhalator Popper Assembly Rebreather with Valve

Gas Mask Respirator Inhalator Popper Assembly Rebreather with Valve

Popper Rebreather Assembly with or without Mask, Harness and Rebreather Bag, you choose.
You might already have a mask, harness and/or rebreather so we’ve given the option to leave these parts out making a totally customisable system to suit your needs.
This system has a rebreather bag on a t-mount with a Blue Glass bottle for your poppers, on the other end of the hose there is an airflow restrictor valve to control the airflow in and out of the mask.
There is small holes at each end of the assemble to let an amount of fresh air in and out.
  1. Choose Anaesthesia mask: NO or YES
  2. Choose Mask Harness: NO, 3-Tail or 4-Tail
  3. Choose ReBreather Bag: NO, 0.5L, 1.0L, 2.0L, 3.0L, 5.0L or 6.0L
  4. Choose Blue Glass Bottle Size: SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE or XLARGE
  • Brand New – Factory Fresh
  • Soft black latex rubber
  • Genuine medical grade rebeather bag
  • For rebreather bag sizing see image…

Buy it on eBay or contact me directly for a discount on the eBay price.

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Hey Rubberstu what did you do on Thurs evening?

…….erm, we’ll,  I baked some screw in Popper pots…….

I’m not saying why they were getting baked needless to say these are the lengths a perverted engineer goes to to make the right product right.

These will be available early next year, currently this batch is heading for a wholesale customer……


2015-12-17 20.20.40
The Great Popper Pot Bake Off…. Suck on that Paul Hollywood ?