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Science Experiment!

That’s what I told my 5year old when I was putting this thing together the other day, he thought it was “Amazing”…….

The “Science Experiment”

This is based on my original “Ultimate Popper Assembly” something that has been well and truly ripped off by a well known company, let’s see how long it takes them to steal my latest innovation………..

You’ve got an “Ultimate Popper Assembly Stage”, “Rebreather stage” incorporating a Nitrous Oxide (N₂O) injector with a massive tank that holds around 600g of gas (about 75 of those little whippets), then you’ve got a glass “Bubbler Stage” for your favourite nectar, mines Ribena 😉 followed by a 150cm hose to a silicone mask with pressured expiratory valve.

It’s a one-way system, the air flows in the One-Way valve on the left, and only out of the valve on the mask, the pressure of the liquid in the bottle inhibits airflow back through the bottle.

A few more pics below of the system, and I think I need to make a new frame as my existing UPA frame is a bit small now. On to my next idea…………………….

Halothan Vaporizer – This type has “indexing” with 6 distinct sections
Nitrous Oxide Cylinder
Glass Bubbler Bottle
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Restraints – Keeping you still for 15 years…

They come and they go, blow in and out like the weather……… I’m still here, making the ever improving Heavy Rubber Restraints as I have been for all that time. I’m currently experimenting with as many different compounds as I can lay my hands on (most are crap by-the-way).

Always experimenting, customising individual designs and providing bespoke one-offs, for client confidentiality I won’t even post picture of the bespoke items unless the client is ok with it.

A few pictures of the “Standard” fayre…………… I say “Standard”, these are far superior to most…… as I’m sure all my previous clients will tell you.

Reinforced “Hospital Red” Silicone – I doubt you’ll find Rubber Restraints stronger than these
These were a 1-off made with an 18mm machined connecting bar – This material is expensive!!
Food Grade White Silicon – Why food grade? dunno, perfect for your slave to prepare your meals!!
Standard Black Rubber – SHD Inflatable Collar – This was a one-off “Gift” for the missing-in-action “Bound-Ivy” (no idea what happened to her but I saw the collar being worn in a photo of someone else’s so she probably flogged it!!)
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SHD RESTRAINTS – Super Heavy Duty

The 1st of an entire, massive range of Super Heavy Duty Rubber Restraints.

These are a simple locking cuff (padlocks not included) made from a 75mm (3″) backer with a 50mm (2″) strap and very heavy hardware, fully eyeletted and riveted. Made from 3mm industrial grade reinforced rubber.

This is actually part of a range I started making over 10years ago, took a rather long pause when the kids came along

These cuffs are available in 10 sizes, larger sizes can have 2 d-rings, opposite each other for thigh cuffs etc.

  • Size #1 – Fit 150-250mm – 1x D-Ring type £60.00
  • Size #2 – Fit 200-300mm – 1x D-Ring type £62.50
  • Size #3 – Fit 250-350mm – 1x D-Ring type £65.00
  • Size #4 – Fit 300-400mm – 1x D-Ring type £67.50
  • Size #5 – Fit 350-450mm – 1x D-Ring type £70.00
  • Size #6 – Fit 400-600mm – 2x D-Ring type £85.00
  • Size #7 – Fit 500-700mm – 2x D-Ring type £90.00
  • Size #8 – Fit 600-800mm – 2x D-Ring type £95.00
  • Size #9 – Fit 700-900mm – 2x D-Ring type £100.00
  • Size #10 – Fit 800-1000mm – 2x D-Ring type £105.00

Also available in double width / double strap versions (150mm wide backer with 2x 50mm straps and identical hardware).

Message me for orders as the shop isn’t finished yet……

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REV: Popper Pots and Bottles

Revision X – Popper Pots and Inhalator Bottles

I’ve been making Popper Pots and Inhalator Bottles for over 10years, most you’ll see for sale have been ripped-off from my ideas and designs, some more so obvious than others.

Revision X Popper Pot

Compact aluminium pot, perfect size for cotton wool pads with a custom designed cap which will accept your standard NATO/GOST/BS 40mm hose connected to your mask. The cap is vented to make this a really neat compact design.

Revision X Inhalator Bottles

Chemical Resistant Plastic or Aluminium, your choice! Most people prefer plastic as they like to see the bubbles as they draw breath through the liquid. The cap is another custom design combining the screw thread of the bottle and a NATO/GOST/BS 40mm compatible thread to connect to the hose on your mask.

More Photo’s:

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Gas Mask Parts

I’ve been messing around serious engineering with an MSLA Printer (Masked Stereolithography) to try and create my own parts for things I cannot have manufactured cost effectively, or parts I can no longer get hold of.

One part is the Gas Mask / Respirator fittings used on most common “Fetish” gas masks, commonly known as NATO40 or GOST40. It has been known for years that most of the ex-soviet parts which fit GP5, GP7 are not entirely compatible with the rest of the European masks (S6, S10, S12 etc) and as such the parts do not always mate.


I’ve designed mine based on a good old British Standard BS EN 148:1-1999 and it’s been something I’ve actually been working on for about 5 years, it’s only now I have a cost effective means of manufacture. Have been quoted in the past upwards of £10,000GBP for tooling to create the parts and then a reasonably expensive unit price on top of, meaning that until I sold about 5000 of them I wouldn’t break even.