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RubberFusion Gear on XTube Vids….

RubberFusion Gear on XTube Vids….

A great customer has just sent me some links to a couple of his vids on XTube showing some RubberFusion Gear being used.


Between the two vids you can see the Popper Pot (new model coming very soon),  Inhalator Bottle, X-Piece, Valves,  Hoses……………

Click the image to go to the video……………………

WARNING: This is porno!! You might see a willy :-O…………


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Ultimate Popper Assembly

Sept 2018 Update:

I’ve got one of these left, I was contacted last week but the user left an unresolvable email address.

Still £395 plus shipping.


At last, this ones taken a while, The Ultimate Popper Assembly

Medical grade Mask, Harness, Rebreather, Valves, Halothane/Goldman Vaporiser, this ones the real deal, ultimate kit.

It’s not cheap unfortunately, £395, but I’m confident you’ll not find a better, more comprehensive kit around anywhere. (Sorry to be a bit smug, I’m proper pleased with this)

How does it work?

The air is drawn through the assembly by your trusty lungs, first through a 1 way valve, then the vaporiser. Then through the t-piece along the long tube and into the mask and your lungs, on the exhale your breath will be pushed back down the hose and into the rebreather bag, with excess air being pushed out through the chrome expiration valve on the mask. The again and again, each time adding some fresh air along with a little rebreathed air.

The Vaporiser is adjustable from zero popper to a lot…………..

The black metal bracket is NOT included.

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So many Custom Orders………………..

……….I’ve neglected the blog for a little while, been overwhelmed with Custom Customer Orders.

I’m not moaning, I’m very grateful, and my actual real day job is beginning to get in the way a lot, hopefully I can make the break next year and do this full time 🙂

I’ve got lots of ideas lurking inside my crazy head, need to get some time to realise them and I really want to make something bizarre for RubberCult in February.

Thanks for reading, if you’ve got any questions, or something in your head needs making, jump on the contact form and get a message to me!!


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Bogus People…….

Just a rant:

Quite irritated by people pretending to be businesses to try and get single items discounted.

For the record, I do wholesale as business to business transactions and have minimum order quantities and values.

If you won’t tell me about your business then it’s not going to happen.

Being polite, jog on 👟

Oh, and I do discount larger orders for private customers too!