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Just an idea………

My brain spins with ideas all the time, actually managed to get one of them mocked up, then it got carried away………..

It’s an Ultimate Popper Assembly (copied by many, as with a lot of the stuff I make), but, with the addition of a 6 litre N²O bag charged with 2 whippets (each approx. 3.0L of gas). There’s a valve to hold the gas in the bag until you want to take a suck, or your “Patient” needs some therapy.

I coupled this to my Studio Gum NKMb as it’s got an anaesthesia mask built in along with massive head compression when it’s pumped……….

Then filled the trolley for Mistress with my favourite things, Clejuso No.15’s, Clejuso No.15-18’s, Clejuso No.8 Leg Irons and few of Mistresses favourite toys……….

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Focus On: Transport Restraints

Lets take a look at transport restraints. Usually used for the movements of inmates/patients to protest themselves from harming or their carers/staff from being harmed – Also helps them to not escape

Transport Restraint Waist Belt with Attached Wrist Cuffs
Transport Restraint Waist Belt with Attached Wrist Cuffs

Closed using 3qty Magnetic Locks these could also be closed using standard padlock posts and mechanical padlocks or other types of fastenings depending on the security level needed.

The waist belt will fit a waist/belly range of 26″ through to 50″ approx with the nominal sizing being about 32″-42″ which makes use of the velcro fastening within the waist belt.

The wrist cuffs will fit upto 11″ approx. and can be fastened to the waist belt in a number of ways depending on how you manipulate the straps. The standard was is show in the photo.

In stock at £79.95 plus shipping.

Below shows the four sizing extents of the belt:

Absolute Max. fit Size – 50″ approx.
Max nominal fit Size – 42″ approx.
Min nominal fit Size – 32″ approx.
Absolute Min fit Size – 26″ approx.
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Ultimate Popper Assembly v2

Ultimate Popper Assembly is back…………………..

The system consists of (working back from the mask) :

  • Mask – Size 6 Adult Anaesthesia Mask
  • Harness – Standard Black Silicone 4tail harness (3tail black rubber and 4tail clear silicone are available)
  • 90deg Chrome angle mount
  • Expiratory valve – Chrome finish
  • 42″/105cm Antistatic Rubber Corrugated Hose
  • T-Mount (Custom Black high pressure plastic)
  • 2.0L Latex Rubber Rebreather Bag (other sizes are available)
  • Halothane Vaporiser (to mix the concentration/ratio of popper/fresh air)
  • 12″/30cm Antistatic Rubber Corrugated Hose
  • Inlet/One-way Flow Valve (Custom Black high pressure plastic with printed valve mount and silicone diaphragm)

Halothane Vaporizer has a 5/16UNC Spigot to mount to a flat plate or tube adapter (as I’ve used in my setup).

Limited Availability – Cost is £450 plus shipping.