Adaptors and Hoses in use…..

Found over on Facebook closed group Rubber Enclosure.

Unknown origin so I can’t credit you, but I hope your enjoying my gear ?


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Sneak Peek Tuesday: Heavy Rubber Arm Binders

Kind of a sneak peek, but also a throwback………

……….this is a product I made several years ago and just found the photo’s of it, so I thought I’d share them.

The latest versions will come with Reinforced Rubber, Larger Rivets and a set of interconnects (not triggers as in the picture).






Price is £150/pair +shipping if you want some?


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RubberFusion Inhalator Bottle & Name Removed

I know this is a repost as it’s already on my Facebook feed, but…….

It’s great to see a RubberFusion Inhalator Bottle being put to good use with (Name removed as they got the arsehole because I would not put up with their bullshit)………… Breath in the vapours sissy 🙂

You can also see the RED Capped Expiration Piece allowing excess pressure in the tubes to escape.

Name Removed
Website link removed
Facebook page Removed
Twitter account Removed


Any objections to the use of this photo? please message me and I’ll remove it 🙂

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Halothane Vaporizer…..

Just about to put a few of these on order to see what I can do with them.






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Hey Rubberstu what did you do on Thurs evening?

…….erm, we’ll,  I baked some screw in Popper pots…….

I’m not saying why they were getting baked needless to say these are the lengths a perverted engineer goes to to make the right product right.

These will be available early next year, currently this batch is heading for a wholesale customer……


2015-12-17 20.20.40

The Great Popper Pot Bake Off…. Suck on that Paul Hollywood ?

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Throwback Thursday – Avon Rubber Drysuit

Just having a route through the archives……

…..This one is of myself, RubberStu wearing a very heavy military Avon Rubber Drysuit, Dryhood with modified rebreather S10 gas mask and some lovely speedcuffs – Situation courtesy of Mistress.

Hot, very restrictive, but quite comfortable……….. taken way back in 2006


Avon Rubber Drysuit

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Special Delivery for @Boundivy

I am so grateful to @Boundivy for the fantastic product awareness she and her friends have done with the infamous Inflatable Bladder Collar I decided to send her a little gift.

A specially designed, just for her “Collar 3” and a set of Wrist and Ankle cuffs. 3kg in total!! HEAVY.

A few pics of what I made and sent…..I even added some Pink Padlocks.

NIKON_2015-11-22_15-03-00 (2)

Special Collar 3 and Wrist & Ankle Cuffs

NIKON_2015-11-22_14-55-30 (2)

Rear View of “Special Collar 3”

NIKON_2015-11-22_14-55-16 (2)

Front View showing Hasp & O and Hasps

NIKON_2015-11-22_14-52-24 (2)

Collar laid flat…………

Bound Ivy can be found at


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Busy day in the workshop….

So I got in the workshop this morning and it was 5deg C (below freezing overnight), far too chilly to be banging about with sheets of rubber.

Had a very important customers order to finish:-), when I say order, it’s not really, it’s more of a gift as she has promoted the previous version of this product with much appreciation from me 🙂

A few teaser pictures as I will wait for her to receive her gift package before I post the pictures of this very special one-off collar.

@Boundivy – It’ll be shipped out tomorrow with UPS


Marine Stainless Hasp with “O” and Hasp


Tools of the Trade……




Heavy and Locked


The Tool – Electro Pneumatic Press with Alignment Laser


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So many Custom Orders………………..

……….I’ve neglected the blog for a little while, been overwhelmed with Custom Customer Orders.

I’m not moaning, I’m very grateful, and my actual real day job is beginning to get in the way a lot, hopefully I can make the break next year and do this full time 🙂

I’ve got lots of ideas lurking inside my crazy head, need to get some time to realise them and I really want to make something bizarre for RubberCult in February.

Thanks for reading, if you’ve got any questions, or something in your head needs making, jump on the contact form and get a message to me!!


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Sneak Peek Tuesday: Giant Sissy Baby Bottle

Sneak Peek Tuesday: Giant Sissy Baby Bottle

Giant 1000ml Giant Adult Baby Sissy  bottle.

Let mummy choose what you want on the attached decals.

Includes a giant genuine latex teat – This is the largest available baby teat for special babies.

£30 inc UK shipping – £35 elsewhere.

Second picture shows against a regular baby bottle.

2015-09-08 10.44.52

2015-09-08 10.44.25



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