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Special Delivery for @Boundivy

I am so grateful to @Boundivy for the fantastic product awareness she and her friends have done with the infamous Inflatable Bladder Collar I decided to send her a little gift.

A specially designed, just for her “Collar 3” and a set of Wrist and Ankle cuffs. 3kg in total!! HEAVY.

A few pics of what I made and sent…..I even added some Pink Padlocks.

NIKON_2015-11-22_15-03-00 (2)
Special Collar 3 and Wrist & Ankle Cuffs
NIKON_2015-11-22_14-55-30 (2)
Rear View of “Special Collar 3”
NIKON_2015-11-22_14-55-16 (2)
Front View showing Hasp & O and Hasps
NIKON_2015-11-22_14-52-24 (2)
Collar laid flat…………

Bound Ivy can be found at


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